Monday, May 31, 2010

what I did today/after we finished entertaining

Hi there party people.  Are you exhausted from the weekend?  I am.  All the strawberries have been cooked, eaten or frozen so it's time to move on!

Today I spent the whole day making jewelry.  Right now I feel a little crabby because I only had one more piece to list and the site booted me off twice when I was at the end of the uploading part.  Grr.  Instead I will show YOU my adorable reader this lovely piece.

This bracelet measures 18 inches and is made of Jasper, Jade and Sterling Silver.  In the center is a focal of Kiwi Jasper in a bright green with some waviness to the surface.  The coin beads are Turquoise Jasper in blue mixed with sterling spacers, Jade chips and a sterling Toggle clasp.  Everything is Jasper...

The colors remind me of Chesapeake Bay wetland Grasses

1 comment:

  1. Really pretty! It is so simple and that makes the stones just speak for themselves!