Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who Wants to go Strawberry Picking?

I made Richard get up at 8:10 this morning to head out to Baugher's pick your own for some strawberries.  It is such an old time type of country thing to do.  Not so much of that stuff left around here.  Kind of like the auction, it's great people watching!  They take you way out to the field on a tractor.  This year is the best picking year EVER- I have never seen so many berries.!

After we picked we met Em and Eric at Baugher's restaurant for some fresh cold cider, scrapple and eggs...a late breakfast but so good.  I got some pics of the tatooed cook-I liked his "look". 
stacked crates for fall applesabove pics are taken out the back. 
 this is the welcome goodiesfront sign88 yr old woman's berries  she was picking near meminepetting zoo from tractorthey take you out on this fun tractor/cartstrawberry fields forever23 pds picked in 45 minspeach trees from tractormore farmcookEric has his first bite of scrapple EVER
Enjoy!                                                                                        waiter.  He;s bringin' sexy back


  1. Looks like a way fun day! Cook is pretty cute. :)

  2. the waiter "bringing sexy back" made me laugh. thanks :)