Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spotlight On....Letterperfect Designs!

Check out this shop!  Do you like to luxuriate in throw pillow heaven on your sectional sofa?  I do.  And to get the look I want it's all about cool stuff, not matchy matchy.  Here is the pillow I have had my eye on forever.  I have had it in favorites and I go visiting around once a week.

Yes, there are many pillow available here are that super dee duper but I especially like this one! 

I believe YOU could use a new look.  How about on that armchair?  It could use a little snazziness could it not?  SO worth the trip and the prices are great for all the work that goes into these amazing pillows!


  1. What gorgeous pillow, very sophisticated :) T.

  2. Buttons and letters ~ what fun! Thanks for sharing this shop with us.