Monday, July 12, 2010

good morning!

Good Morning all you bloggers, family and peeps at work.  A big hug and shout out to Sadie, my co-worker this morning.  Sadie doesn't have the summer off like I do so she is doomed to wander the halls at work, talking to other marooned employees, all of whom are trying to stretch 2 weeks worth of work into 2 months!  Stupid policy isn't it?  Just have a one day work week already.

What are YOU doing today?  I am going to give the stinky little dog a bath, vacuum up mega dog hair, make another piece of jewelry and work on our little RODENT problem we seem to have going on here in Plantress land.  EWWWW.  If it gets cloudy and rainy I will go outside and weed the neglected perennial beds.

Here is what I made yesterday.  It was alot of fun deciding what to include...
This is a 19 inch necklace on a silver chain.  It has turquoise, quartz, sterling, brass, pewter, rhinestones, freshwater pearls, Karen Hill Tribe silver beads, Mother of pearl and crystals.  It's called Going Fishing for treasure.

I'd love some feedback, even if it isn't positive!  Gotta learn, right?

More Later,



  1. I like the thick chain that it's on, and I like that it's like a modern take on a charm bracelet. I can see it with a super boho-chic outfit!

  2. I LOVE that necklace! Its really fun and funky and I love the colors! I love charm bracelets but I can't wear them because they always get in my way but this would be the best instead and much easier for me to wear! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    visiting and following from TTA

  3. Well a big shout out to you, Plantress! Sadie totally misses you, too! It is mightly lonely in the halls. I have had thoughts of bringing in my roller skates and rolling down the halls. Perhaps we could race when you come back.

    I hope all is well in upstate NY and there has been lots of skinny dipping, good food and lots of laughs. I am expecting stories of hilarity upon your return.