Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sometimes the pink background of this blog makes me feel a little sick.  I wish that I could clean it up and make it look professional.  Oh well!  I'll live with it for now because I am lazy.  My pupster Daisy Meg Dainty Spittleton is by my side here with her filthy, wet and spitty tennis ball.  She and my old lab Camper do not like the laptop and nudge it with their noses.  It interferes with me paying attention to them.

I have been thinking about hermits and their huts.  What would a modern interpretation be?

this is pretty cool!

Looking for these images caused me to find all kinds of futuristic nests!  I like the one above that is a tree house (square one).  Something about being up makes me feel safe.

hermits ala modern man


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