Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Driving to work this morning the sky was streaked with pink clouds. I came out of the canopy of trees along falls rd and there was an amazing sunrise. It made me want to be in upstate New York, pulling on my shabby bean boots and jeans with a man’s quilted flannel shirt instead of bejeweled and suited up for work. There is something about going inside for 8 hours on a beautiful fall day that really brings me down. I’d rather have lots less money and be out there hunting and gathering for winter. Canning and freezing, getting my firewood ready. Storing up books for reading later.


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  1. There are those certain days when the weather changes and everything is so perfect that all we want to do is enjoy and savor every second of it. I'm usually that way right after the cold winter finally gives us our first pleasant spring day. But the first crisp, clear fall day works just as well. Sorry you had to be cooped up inside.