Friday, October 1, 2010

wah I'm sick.  Yesterday it felt like there was glass in my throat.  I am going out of town so went to the doctor.  Not strep.  Just allergies.  Even though I had a fever (not high though)  viral.  allergies.  There is a glue factory in my head.  I'm going to just keep sleeping in the car.  Taking my pillow.  Thermos of hot tea w/honey.  On the bright side, maybe I'll lose weight.  Daughter Liz came to see me last night and she now weighs only one pound more than me.  And she is about 6 feet tall.  I had better take some drastic reduction measures.

More Later,


  1. Yes I too hope you get over this quickly. Colds are awful, but allergies sure aren't fun either!

    Well maybe you don't need to lose weight you just need to grow taller. I know, I know ... smack me one. LOL