Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Friends! I hope the 3 people who actually read this blog are not offended-well 4 if I count old Sadie the anon commenter. You may not like the pictures I can't wait to show you. If you have a fear of clowns, for example, you might find the doll involved a little creepy. But that is what makes it funny; to me.

Sooooo, OMG here's the back story on the DL cuz it's work shenanigans if you get what I mean. Ralph Lauren had her wisdom teeth pulled and missed several days because she is a sorry wimp. ( I offered to make them into a necklace for her but she did not respond to my offer oddly enough) While she was gone her stepdad thought it would be amusing to bring in a REAL gator head that he happened to have lying around. He left a note saying "I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled too". Well I thought it was tres cool and amusing but RL's boss found the head very disconcerting and odd. Sadie and I thought we'd bring the creepy oddness up another tork-warp speed- so Sadie commented that it might be fun to put a baby doll in it's jaws....just to freak RL and her boss out even more. It just so happened that I had the perfect doll!

Remember Homer's Auction? Well I got this doll there about 20 years ago as a fun item and It has been making the rounds of Janneys and my houses ever since. I like to think of her as "talking teena" from the old twilight zone episode, but my work friend little Debbie, named her "baby Jane" as in "what's the matter with".

So, long story short, I positioned the props this morning and they had the expected, very gratifying, effect on Ralph that I had so hoped for to wish her a speedy, further recovery. Let me show you the pictures now....

Sadie wants to make this her profile picture.  Hope you enjoyed the show.  If you ask me nicely I will take a picture of the other porcelain dolls heads that I got that night so long ago. 
                    Pack Rat?  Or Visionary?  You decide!

More Later,


  1. Okay, that is delightful, and exactly the sort of thing I would do. When I was in grad school and teaching, someone brought in a blow up doll, and it made the rounds, into different people's desk drawers, closets and car back seats. I think we all left it behind when we graduated. I wonder if the poor thing is still there, being passed around?

  2. Great humor, I'm still chuckling. :D

    I must say that is a creepy old doll, maybe she's better off as alligator bait.