Monday, September 13, 2010

I just have a quick comment about a phenomenon I’ve been noticing. As the years go by, I have become a paper towel hoarder and tissue saver. What is up with this? If you are under 30 you probably would see a damp, used paper towel by someone’s sink and assume that it needed to be thrown away. The difference between 30 and fifty is that somewhere along the way, these damp paper towels become essential tools for cleaning and wiping counters, spilled coffee, spills and crumbs. They should be shaken out gently into the trash and put aside to reuse! I must have driven my mother in law crazy, though never a word was said, as I whipped through her kitchen throwing out every wad of paper towels that I saw by the sink.

The tissue thing is mainly a work habit. Perhaps they are the paper towels of work! I wipe my mouth and put the tissue aside. Droplets of water on my desk? Another tissue and soon I notice a couple of tissues wadded up on the corner of my desk. Throw them out for goodness sake! I want to know if anyone else is having this happen to them? Also, does this mean that soon I will find wadded up tissue up my sleeve? In my cleavage? Mom, are you chuckling up there in heaven?

More Later,




  1. My mom did that too, both the paper towel thing and the hiding a tissue in the sleeve of her robe. I realized that much of it was that paper towels and tissues cost and she lived on an incredibly tiny amount ... her social security ... which wasn't enough for a pet dog to live on. My mom would even carefully set aside her used tea bag so that she could brew another cup later in the day, sometimes she'd even get a third or fourth cup out of it. Oh well, in this eco conscious day an age what's wrong with cutting back on how many needless paper towels, tissues or even tea bags we use daily ?

  2. Love your blog---you little devil. Show me some of your stuff! BTW, your hair looks fab.