Thursday, September 16, 2010

I’m not sure what my reader’s impressions will be when I follow that sorority posting with a Lilly Pulitzer story but rest assured I am not a true prep.

Story: I bought a super cute “Later Gator” travel mug at the St Lawrence book store (which has to be the most excellent college bookstore on the face of the planet!) last May. I had to clean the pink lid and it broke. I am spatially challenged so I asked various colleagues to fix it but no one could. The good news? I just called Lilly and their reps are sending me a NEW lid! I am super psyched!

More Later,




  1. Nice of them to send you a replacement lid, it is probably something that gets broken often.
    Things that a glued back together are never quite the same, seems there is always a piece or two that mysteriously disappears and search as one may, can never be found. Chalk it up to just another thing that disappears into those tiny black holes of life; along with missing socks, sunglasses and favorite ball point pens.