Wednesday, September 15, 2010

youngest daughter Emily has finished rush. Did you rush in college? I did and remember it as an emotional rollercoaster of an experience. I ended up going DG, which at the time, at Roanoke, was the “party girl” sorority. Shocker, huh? The DGs went out with the Sigma Chis. Sig was the lacrosse fraternity. Pledging was fun and hellish at the same time.

It seems that little has changed-maybe with the exception of the indignation that the new pledges feel at being told what to do by the sisterhood. Em was very lucky and got her #1 choice. But, by day 2 was complaining about greek life. The time commitment was too much. The hazing was stupid.

I explained to her that every sorority works with the pledges on the assumption that they need to be “broken down” before they are built back up. There will be endless drills, memorization of the greek alphabet, their founders, etc. as well as all the rituals and rules of their new organization.

Bottom line, this one does not like to be humble. It will be interesting to see if my baby girl makes it through pledgeship. At the other end you have bonded with your pledge class and can laugh at the memories, that is, IF you can make it through to that point. I would point out that this is a time to sacrifice pride for the good of the group. You will cherish the memories later. I know I do.

Good times. I look forward to hearing your own experiences-except I don’t need to hear from you SADIE about how the greek system is stupid.

More later,



Ps-sorry it’s not funny this time…….


  1. My dearest Plantress,

    I am excited for Em...I think she will come out on the other end thrilled that she did this. I was merely joking about having to pay for friends. You know I like to kid you but am pleased that I was able to strike a nerve and get under that thick skin.

    Much love,

  2. Early on I noticed the camaraderie that those who've attended college share with one another; like having belonged to an exclusive club.
    College is something I would have loved to have attended but alas did not. Later in life I encouraged (well more like hounded) my girls to pursue a college degree. One daughter has her degree, one went for a short time and the third would not have set foot on a college campus if you strapped her into a straight jacket and dropped her there from a helicopter !! LOL