Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Labor day weekend wedding of my niece was beautiful and awesome! It was at the Lake Placid Club and the ceremony was out on a stone porch with a breathtaking backdrop of whiteface mountain and the high peaks. The reception was very nice with a sit down dinner (I had the duck!)
Some people danced the night away. I did dance one slow dance with my husband but that was it. I really did want to shimmy around but it just didn’t work out that way. It was probably the lack of alcohol on my part. Makes it hard to “let go”.
Back at work. Looking forward to the craft show in October. I have so many supplies due in! Hope today’s mail brings purple pearls and more silver.
More Later,


  1. Sounds like the wedding and reception were lovely.

    Sometimes we need help with our inhibitions, like another glass of that fortified Sangria or just one more Black Russian or a Tequila Sunrise. I once knew a fantastic gentleman, he was a probation officer of all things and he never drank any liquor, not even wine or beer, as he was a reformed alcoholic. Yet he was always the life of the party; one of the happiest and funniest men I have every met. He kept everybody laughing and he danced with every woman at the party. Wish I knew his secret. :)

    The purple pearls and silver findings sound really rich and luscious together. Hope you'll do a blog post when you get a piece done.

  2. Oh the wedding setting sounds gorgeous :)

    Yep, a few glasses of the old vino and shimmying can be fun, as long as the kids aren't around to tell you what an idiot you look, which they are very good at doing (He! He!)

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)