Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Bloggy McBlogerton-I think fall is finally here!  Now I can wear sweaters in the house and complain about how cold I am because I am too cheap to turn up the thermostat.  Whoot!
I promised Emily that I would mention how glad I am that she is now home with her Tri Delt status and her winning ways.  She rocks my world.  xo to you Miss Emily!

Question of the day:  Are we in love w/Frye Boots and didn't SOME of us do this before?  Totally depends on your age but lately all my groovy teen looks are back with a bullet.

Pictures follow of the black River in the fall light when the water is up.....beautiful.

It's weird how the water looks like snow here.

Also, my husband went for his last dip of the summer and I want to share the one photo that I kept of this event

looking good old man!

More Later,


  1. I think my husband would KILL me if I published a skinny dipping pic - your old man must be pretty open minded! And yes, fall is here. Have had to add blankets to the bed and start pulling out the sweaters - and I've been thinking of designing another piece of knitwear what with the chill in the air!

    xo Erin

  2. well this was the least porno of the pics. He was reluctant to share his sexiness w/the world but it was too amazing to pass up

  3. Nice photos. Really like the one where the waterfall looks like it's glowing.
    That water looks really cold, your hubby must be pretty brave to go for a dip (skinny or otherwise) in frigid water. Brrr !!! I shiver just thinking about it.