Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today I would like to share a delightful shop with you: KatieDydDesigns. There are many paper goods stores on etsy and they all have their charms. Some shops are noted for their prices, others are known for their whimsical style. Owls, baby birds, kittens…it’s all out there. I have chosen this store to recommend based on superior customer service. I have now ordered several times from Miss Schwarz and have found her to be dependable and quick. I asked her to create a product for me not found in her shop and she graciously complied as well as offered an alternative should I decide to use another provider.

One would think that micro business owners would put customer service first in every instance but we are not always all that organized. Some people offer hundreds of items but are hard to get in touch with. Others overcharge for shipping. Sometimes you can’t depend on the quality of the merchandise. My own experience with KatieDydDesigns makes it possible for me to say that the product is very good, the service and communication is superior and the pricing is fair. I hope you take a peek at her shop and offer your comments here! Long live small business!

PS- I got nada, nothing, zilch in return for writing this. My idea, my thoughts, my own need to give credit where credit is due.

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