Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello blog followers! Just wanted to give you an update on my life. This past weekend the hubmeister was out of town with his man group. They were in Alder Creek-cruising the bars, brewery touring and generally being local visiting celebrities.

I used this time to begin the garden fall cleanup. Plants need cutting back, trees need pruning as do the golden mop cypress, fill the tarp and drag to the compost pile or burn pile as the case may be.

I also visited the American Visionary Arts Museum in downtown Baltimore. I find outsider art very mind stretching and thought provoking. When a display of work of the criminally insane shows an incredible grasp of technique, color and textures it questions the very core of the question “is this art?” What defines a mental illness? How can someone show no interest in art until they are in their 70s and then, for the first time, produce a piece so intricate that collectors all over the world take notice.

Does training make the artist? Is it nature or nurture? You tell me!


  1. I believe everyone is an artist inside, and we all just have to learn to let it out. Some of us spent our young lives being told we weren't creative, some of us just weren't interested. Some believe on a special few are artists.... I

    am learning to let my inside out, and shut off that inner negative voice, and the outer negative voices. The ones that say...I should be doing something "constructive" or "productive" insteaad of soething creative My ex still makes comments about how much time I 'waste' drawing, etc. He doens't realize that creative outlet is my very sanity.

    BTW... my first time at your blog, and I love it!

  2. thank you so much for your sweet comment! Have a wonderful day