Thursday, November 18, 2010


When to “get real” with it.

It is part laziness and part fear. I have a full time job and a house to run and a little, tiny jewelry making business on the side. A hobby really. A hobby that is always in my thoughts. My question is when is it time to put more time into it? I don’t think it has really turned much of a profit. I am comfortable with just a little bit of sales, and a lot of supplies! People keep asking me questions that make me feel like it should be bigger.

On a lighter note-how about corn pudding for Thanksgiving along w/those fried oysters? And a cran tangerine dressing?

More Later,




  1. Oh, my goodness, I so understand. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done!
    I'm ready for comforting Thanksgiving food.

  2. It's a tough call to make. The handcrafted jewelry market tends to be really saturated. The last big Arts and Crafts Exhibition that I was in the ratio of jewelry to other arts and crafts was just over 60%, I jewelry making friend of mine said that she was in a show that had at least 70% jewelry vendors. It was ridiculous. Now places are starting to put a limit on the number of vendors in any category, which is a good idea. But the main thing is to be happy and to enjoy what you do, if it gets to be a "job" and is no longer enjoyable then you've lost the very reason for doing it in the first place.

    Yum, love your new menu ideas of the corn pudding, fried oysters and cran-tangerine dressing.