Wednesday, November 17, 2010

rediscovering fondue

Hello Loyal Followers! Yesterday was an ugly rainy day here in the Baltimore Metro area. Correction: it would have been a beautiful day had one been home making necklaces and tending the woodstove in weather/house appropriate attire vs. schlepping to work all fancied up in a gross drizzle and stupor inspiring day.

As always we managed to slog along and get things done. The people I work with and the sweet children always lift my spirits. As the day drew to a close I emailed the hubmeister to suggest a fire and some homemade soup for dinner. His response was “Fondue and Cider”. ?????????

I think the last time I made fondue was when we were newlywed and I wanted to use the wedding gift fondue pot with those cool long forks. God knows where that is! Anyhoo, I looked up some recipes online and realized I had all the ingredients at home already-just had to pick up some fresh French baguettes.

Super easy fondue

Use a double boiler to heat up a pot

Pour in 2 cups of chicken stock

A couple of heaping tablespoons of super grainy Dijon-you know, that peasanty mustard

I cheated and used one can of campbells cheddar chs soup

At least 2 cups of sharp cheddar grated

Some swiss cheese grated

Sherry! Whoo hoo

That’s it. Stir it up. I added some cornstarch near the end as I was getting impatient.

Cut up that bread and dip.

It was super duper. I’m thinking choc fondue during the Thanksgiving weekend, with strawberries and some pretzels and whatever else I can think of. Maybe use our new fry daddy and make greasy dough balls to dip in. That sounds so unappetizing but the batter deep fired is like being in new Orleans or the state fair. That Sh** is GOOD. Heart attack in a fondue pot n’est pas?

More Later!




  1. Hey, Plantress! I like the post on Fondue! We won a New Fondue pot at a Basket Raffle last spring......must get it out! I used to love Fondue!

    Oh, sometimes I miss the Baltimore area! Love your markets there! Used to work at Hopkins.......a long, long time ago!

    Anyway, off to post on my blog about a cookie making class that I attended last night! Yum!

    Have a great day!
    Carol from

  2. Love fondues, it forces one to eat more slowly and leisurely ... especially if one is doing meat or fish in hot oil ... takes a bit of time for those meaty chunks to cook.
    The chocolate fondue for Thanksgiving sound great, you're lucky I live so far south or I'd be knocking at your door saying; "Do I smell chocolate?" :D

    I know where my old fondue pot is; gave it to my daughter a couple of years ago as they were on a fondue everything kick. Now I have a hodge-podge drawer full of long fondue forks and no pot to .............. put them in ... yeah something else went through my brain at that moment. LOL

    Hubby and I spent a couple of day in New Orleans, pre-Katrina days. I had so much batter-dipped, deep-fat-fried foods I think my cholesterol level is still trying to recover from it. But yeah, it was all soooo good.

  3. I haven't had fondue in ages. I love the whole tempura thingy. :) Don't think cheese fondue would fly in this house, except out the
    window :( but the choc one, well now you're talking :) Strawberries injected with brandy dipping into choc. yummers. :)

    Now you've got me craving :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)