Friday, November 12, 2010

men are from Mars, Women are from Heaven

Men and women are completely different. Men say we are too emotional and they just can’t understand us. I don’t think we are that hard to understand. Women learn to love sports. Women learn not to ask “what’s wrong?” Women adjust and tone down their own intuitive need to deconstruct and discuss and analyze all kinds of data from “have a nice day” to “that dress looks FINE, now let’s go!”.

Women understand love and hurt and healing. We will comfort and rejoice with our men and our children. Women who are mothers know the pain and pleasure of child rearing in a way men never do.

Part of being intuitive is noticing these things and fine tuning our attitudes. Men don’t have this radar built in so they call women “fussy, emotional, over reacting”. It’s sad that men don’t have the sense to make a few adjustments of their own. I know that it isn’t important to men to be very affectionate without a good grope. I say just do it. Hold my hand, rub my back, play with my hair-with no pay off and you are golden. On my birthday, I want to be told in great detail how much you love me and why. Heck, I want to be told EVERY day but one day a year will suffice. I want a gift. I want it wrapped. I want to be dazzled. YOU have 364 days to plan. Just do it because it is important to me it does not matter whether you find it ridiculous or stupid. Say to yourself; “I love her and I will make this day/event/celebration/eternity what she wishes it to be as a gesture of love for her”. You can do it. The rewards are great!

FYI my friend’s husband forgot her b day and then was rude to her for caring. I saw the tears in her eyes and the hurt behind her smile.

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