Friday, November 12, 2010

on the other hand

On the other hand

To be fair to men, what we generally like about them is their very inability to be over-complicated. I like that my husband is a man of simple habits. I am aware that he loves the dogs more than he loves me. I smile to hear him knead his toes in bed or at the special noise he makes with his mouth when he is happy-kind of a sighing, clicking sound. He enjoys the same things I do and just tunes me out when I babble on about the world. He understands and supports my efforts to improve myself however halfhearted or juvenile they may be.

My husband is a person who appreciates a leaf pile. He listens to me talk about plants and tends to love them as individuals as I do. We have silly conversations about the asparagus fern becoming buddies with the ficus tree. He understands and shares my attraction to water and the ever changing activities of the lake if only one just sits still and watches.

This same man still does not know when my birthday is or when our anniversary is. He got a particular date stuck in his head 27 years ago and that is that. He doesn’t notice haircuts, even highlights go unremarked. He will eat almost anything that I prepare and call it good. He has never cleaned the toilet. He puts off the tax returns until it’s almost time to file again. He procrastinates and sometimes tells an untruth so as to avoid the heat of a wife’s rage.

He is still my best friend and a very comfortable bedmate on a cold night.

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  1. Sounds like you have a good man there :)

    I tend to think of men as Puppies, they need training CONSTANTLY!!!!! But of course in a very subtle way, so they don't feel Man - NIP - U - lated :)

    I decided years ago that if I wanted my Hubby to remember my B.Day and make it a special day (without constant nagging He! He!), I was going to have to orchestrate it, so my Hubby takes the day off work and spends the day with me, we have a good old time chilling out going for lunch etc. and it works as a fun day to be tog. without any other interruptions.

    But I have to say, that we are all Water Signs and Irish descendants in this house and so there is a fair amount of emotion at times. Also, I think men say women are complicated and that they are not to hide the fact that they are extremely complicated, maybe not so complex (He! He!)

    Great food for thought as always :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  2. Some men, really most men, have trouble remembering dates such as birthdays and anniversaries ... not sure why but I think a hug, out of the blue, for no particular reason makes up for those "forgotten" moments.

    Guess I am lucky in the fact that my hubby does remember. Though I sometimes wonder about the gifts he chooses ... like the set of cook ware he bought me one year for Christmas. No, I hadn't asked for pots and pans, I hadn't even hinted that I wanted a set. What I really wanted was this precious little diamond studded heart pendant on a chain. Oh well, guess it is a part of; to get to a man's heart you have to go through their stomach". LOL

  3. I guess I've trained hubs pretty well! lol I get jewelry (when we have the cash, that is) for birthdays and anniversaries and he is pretty good about remembering to put the seat back down.(finally, after almost 30 years!)

    But.... He does know just how to tune me out when I get to rambling and he has only cleaned the toilet once, and that was because I'd had surgery. Sooo, I guess I'll keep him. I can see why you keep yours too. None of them are perfect, but we love them anyway! Sweet post!

    Have a great weekend!