Monday, November 22, 2010

your decorations

“Some people decorate with lights, some people decorate with greens” I remember saying that a million times when my kids were small. We would tour the neighborhood lights only to go by our own house, with the porch light on, shining down on swags of berries and ropes of greens hung from the front porch columns. The children always thought our house was boring without the outside lights but it is just the way I was brought up.

I love driving by one of those houses so bedazzled with lights and blow up Santas that you have to slow down the car to take it all in. My heart leaps up when I can see the far away glow of someone’s electric wonderland in the distance. Is your house like that?

The only way I can express it is to say I love to see it but it isn’t the way I decorate the outside of our house for Christmas.

What are your traditions? Are you someone who decorates a tree for the birds? Is your electric output sky high from all of your neighborhood bling? Do you live next door to someone who decorates in the extreme or someone who completely ignores the whole thing? Just wondering.

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  1. greens, red berries, some gold balls, a golden pine cone or two, and maybe some ribbon. Small white lights are permissible. That's what I like for my home.

    I do have fond memories though of driving around suburban Minnesota with my grandparents after Thanksgiving to see all the houses decorated with TONS of lights and full size sleds on roofs. I appreciate the effort (and electric bill) some people are willing to go to for everyone else to enjoy.

  2. I love seeing how everyone decorate, I am allergic to so many of the holiday greens that it has to stay outside :(

    I'm afraid we are the ones who light up the neighbourhood. Not as bad as the Grizwolds but we have lots of bright things around the lawn and the house.

    But I think we might be keeping it a little simpler this year :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  3. When I was younger Christmas was more elaborate but never to an extreme. Just a wreath on the door some colorful lights in the shrubbery. Inside it was garlands on the fireplace mantel, with stockings for Santa to fill, mistletoe hanging over the doorways, centerpieces of pine cones, pine boughs and lots of red,gold and green plaid ribbon and of course, a live Christmas tree, fully regaled in lights, ornaments and tinsel standing proudly in front of the living picture window.
    You don't see "picture" windows much any more, or at least not in newer homes. But then I never quite understood the sense of a huge pane of glass that one could never open to allow a breeze to enter the house. LOL

    Now it seems we no sooner get the tree set up that it's time to take it down.

  4. I like glitter! Surprise! I have my mom's treetop angel that she got when she was first married. She also gave me some butterfly ornaments she bought on that trip, so I decorate the tree with lots of butterflies and birds. I love having decorations everywhere.

  5. I love to decorate with my grandmother's and mother's old ornaments on my tree. I love to dress it up with lots and lots of lights and twinkle lights. I only as the last 2 years have bought anything new myself. I like to decorate up my fireplace with a bit of lights in the garland and flowers. I plan to have (buy) garlands with pine cones around our front door this year, but it is solely for us, since we live in the boonies and no one but the mail carrier drives by our house, hee hee. I agree with MAB about glitter, I think that glitter is magical!