Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today is grandparent’s day at our school, and, as always, I am fascinated by the differences in the grandparents. Some seem really old and confused-losing their granddaughters between classes and needing bathroom breaks every 20 minutes or so. Some can’t even walk the full length of the hallway between the front door and the classrooms. Then there are the anorexic looking grandparents, ladies who think they need to maintain a svelte figure. Some are wearing giant hats. Some are quite alert and fit and go barreling down the halls like a regular parent. As my husband says; ‘shut up plantress, those grandparents are starting to look just like us!” except he didn’t say shut up because we don’t use that word in our house. I got a nose full of moth balls last time I stuck my head out into the hall!

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  1. Thankfully people are unique and different no matter what their age.

    The comment you made about your husband saying that those grandparents were starting to look just like us, made me laugh.
    Also reminded me of a cartoon about an elderly couple (can't recall the name of the cartoon). But they're sitting at the counter of a diner and the husband says to the wife; "Look at that old couple at the end of the bar. Do you suppose we'll look like them as we get older?" The wife takes a look and replies; "You do know that's a mirror at the end of the bar, don't you?"