Wednesday, December 8, 2010

School News

One of the good things about working in a school is the total acceptance of crazy garb such as the famous teacher’s Christmas sweater. Teachers know that the sweaters are over the top, they know that it might not be figure flattering but who cares? We are our own little society here and this society is all about love and fun. We don our reindeer ears with the balls on top, our sparkly homemade pins that were past presents from former students. We decorate with paper chains. Santa hats worn on a daily basis do not cause comment nor do our extensive collection of holiday socks. Admiration only. Feel free to dress as an elf and dance around the dining hall. There may be some snide comments but there will be an equal number of young girls saying “I liked your elf dance, Mrs. Plantress” and smiling upon you with their full understanding and approval. YAY Now, off to dig out some flashing Christmas bulb necklaces and tinsel for my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Later,



Ps-did I mention the gifts of stinky hand lotion which are sure to follow? Double yay


  1. Sounds like fun. I think we tend to take ourselves far too seriously and it's hard to be serious when you're wearing candy cane striped stockings with little green elf shoes, not to mention reindeer ears and flashing red and green jewelry. LOL
    Stinky hand lotion ? For you or from you? :D

  2. Yes indeed! The afternoon of our oldest daughter's wedding rehearsal, I put on my clothes and asked, "How do I look?" Her reply, "Mom, you look like a school teacher." "Thank you sweetie!" BTW, I have one of those flashing, Christmas light necklaces...I'm going to find it right now!

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    Have a great weekend!