Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello everyone.  Are all of your Christmas decorations put away?  Did you brave the cold to go take down those outside greens and throw them in the burn pile?  I did most of this.  I can tell you it was very soothing to come home from work today and find the living room clean and back to normal.  I started a fire and here I am on the red couch despite our gift of wireless that daughter Caroline gave.  Richard calls this my safe space.  HA

 Here is my question; did you feel sad putting decorations away until next year or do you feel satisfied and relieved?.

I am interested!

So anyway, today was the first day back and it went very quickly.  I prefer to start back on a Wednesday rather than a Monday though as it eases the transition.  Everyone was in good spirits.  It was exciting to see who had gotten their hair cut etc.  Lots of Christmas swag being worn today.  New boots and sweaters abounded.  Can one use abound like that?  Methinks nay.
More Later!

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  1. Short and sweet, it was a big sigh of relief to box everything up and stash it away. Now, how many more shopping days until December 25th, 2011?