Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are your Self Sufficiency Plans for the New Year?

Ok team, here we are in 2011. What in heavens name are we going to do to rely less on outside sources and more on ourselves? When I searched self sufficiency forums on the web the topics ranged from isolated living with survivalist skills to buying a self mulching lawn mower and price comparisons at home depot. It is a wide ranging topic.

Does one pursue self sufficiency for the sake of the planet and future generations? Are we working on reducing our carbon footprint? Saving money? Getting away from government control?

Maybe the way to approach this large topic is subject by subject. My work friend Sadie sometimes talks about moving to Montana but she doesn’t strike me as a survivalist. I think she is motivated by money; getting the most bang for her buck. Sadie, correct me if I am wrong but I believe you want self sufficiency in order to stretch your dollar. Nothing wrong with that. Would you still want to live that way if you won the lottery?

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  1. Back many moons ago, little sister Cooing Dove, we lived in fear of the Big Soviet Bear. The warrior spirits whispered tales of mighty flaming arrows falling from the sky and devastating our world. They spoke low and serious of things called Atomic Bombs. We quivered in our moccasins knowing that if such evil befell mankind, those who survived would have to endure many hardships. They would have to be strong, versatile, creative and brave. They would have to plant their crops, hunt and fish, and preserve their bounties to last through winter freeze or nature's droughts. They would have to know or learn the ways of the land, how to use plants, herbs, lichen and mosses for medicinal purposes. In that age I was a young maiden and though I understood it would be a time of deprivation, a time to use every sense of survival instincts one had, I knew I was capable. I was strong of back and muscle and heart, I was a survivor !!!
    But back to reality ... Now I'm older (much older) and I'm sure I'd be among the first ones to perish.