Wednesday, March 14, 2012

countdown now 3!

Ahoy and hello tiny group of 2 readers!  Thanks for the comments.  It's great to be back in biznez with the whole bloggy thing.

 I just made a four page list of all the repairs I can think of that need doing around here.  My muscles aren't even sore!  So someone, a handyman by trade, left his card on my door and I thought "huh, guess he noticed the collasping corn crib door on his way by."  Then I realized that it could have been MANY things that attracted him to our property.  It must look beautius to the handyman world view-or maybe like a pot o' gold at the end of the suburbam rainbow.

So I called him.  I figured if he had the get up and go to leave his card and wade through my pack of dogs to do so he must at least like dogs.  Def a point in the favor of any workman person trying to make things happen around here.  You know dogs, they are in, they are out, they are barking, they bring you a toy to admire, they wiggle and lie right behind you when you are in close quarters....

I have an appointment with him here at 6:30 so I am armed with my list and hopeful that he will show.  I also want him to look at my list and say "great!  No job is too small!  Let's knock these out one by one and I can also think of a few more things I can do.  Very inexpensively!  Want to go to the salvage yard together?  I know the owner.  I can get lots of cool stuff like antique mirrors and brass butler sinks for free!"  My new best friend.  Is it any wonder I am abhored by most people when most of my best conversations and relationships only happen in my head in imaginary conversations?

So let's see what happens, shall we?  Nes flash is that he just called.  More after he leaves!


  1. Ahh, yes. In my head I am always charming and never say the wrong thing. In real life I am a spastic, awkward, "full teapot."

    1. oh lauren you found me. It's just that so much of the world takes place in my head that I swear what leaks out is the waste cycle