Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Countdown to Spring Break :4

Today is a beautiful day here in lovely Maryland and I am looking forward to the end of said day.  I am trying to show only my most gracious self to the world but there are little slips here and there.  Today my boss asked me to do something for her at the very last minute and was talking over me when I had questions.  I was slightly enraged.  What I find is, by not ever expressing my various angers and disgruntledness I become a full teapot, ready to spout off at the tiniest thing.

Perhaps I need a room with nerf/foam tools for bludgeoning mannikens that I have named after my co-workers

More Later!



  1. Oh you still have your fun sense of humour, I LOVE it :)

    Have missed your wit :)

    Congrats on marrying one off, I still have 3 boomerang kids :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Spring break, it doesn't really happen in this house anymore as one is in school in Ohio and it is 3 weeks earlier than Oregon's.

    I can't believe it is snowing again today, aren't you guys on the East coast supposed to get winters like this, LOL!! :)

    OK, Take Care, great to see you back, cheers, T. :)

  2. So happy you are back. I've missed your witty posts. Completely understand the "full teapot" metaphor.