Saturday, March 17, 2012

first day of vaca

so first day and wth am I doing up at 7 am?  I told the handyman guy to be here at 8 and forgot that they would be working directly from the bedroom.  sigh.  Today's project will be to fix the overhanging roof gutter and downspout.  Not a huge job but very high up.  Can't wait to see if he can do it.  He says he has a truck, all tools and scaffolding but I secretly don't believe it.  Get thee behind me judgement.  Time for a coffee infusion.  I will report back.  2 st Paddies parties today I feel very popular but sad that I no longer drink.

More Later,


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  1. Boozing is highly overrated. It's neat going down and the little bit of a buzz one gets at the start is sort of cool but doesn't nearly make up for all the stupid things one can say or do while under the influence. Believe me been there done that and am glad I no longer imbibe. ;)