Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day btw

I just had the most awesome meal.  Went to our neighbor's and the cosmos and guinness were flowing.  Richard was making Irish car bombs.  When we left there were many happy vocalists belting out "oh Danny boy".  Though I did not eat the cabbage part I was chatting with a library lady who told me that she could tell what part of Baltimore you were from based on whether or not you put vinegar on your cabbage.  Or if you topped the potatoes with the cabbage or had it to the side.  Interesting. 

So typical, the guy never showed.  I got up at the stinking crack of dawn and was out of the room, bed made, before 8am.  By 8:30 I starting working outside and the call came in at 9:10 or so.  Truck broke down-he'll be in touch.  Whatever.

Muscles are sore, belly is full-it's been a good day

More Later,



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  2. Sounds like a good day indeed ... other than for the no -show handyman. Well we win some and we lose some, right? :)

    Sorry, had to delete my first comment due to typographical errors beyond my control ... didn't have my brain in gear.

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