Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, it's been a year practically since I wrote here.  I imagine that you have all grown tremendously-in your work and happiness.  I, on the other hand, have slowed.  Grown in girth as always but not so much professionally.  My full time job is chugging along with lots of crazy personnel changes.  All the employees sit around and wonder, "what the *&6$ will happen next?  And will it create more work for me?!"

Highlights of this year?  Hmm, my son got married in September and that was a wonderful event.  Really a beautiful wedding.  One down 3 to go.  One of our sweet dogs died on Christmas day.  Twinky.  We miss that old bag of fur.  That is about all I can think of.

Are you all on Pinterest yet?  If not I highly suggest you go see.  I love to look at all the home interiors and fashion and jewelry and purses and, and, just go check it out.

more later,



  1. Good to hear from you again. :)
    Congratulations on your son's wedding.

    Sorry to hear about Twinkie, it's always hard to lose a beloved pet, they become so much a part of the family.

    I Can't say the past year has been very rewarding. I'd put one etsy shop on permanent vacation mode and will put the other one in moth balls very shortly. Neither were doing well, especially since all of etsy's changes.

    I've also been neglectful of my blog and find I'm only visiting it a couple of times a month. Hopefully I can improve and start posting blog updates more frequently.

    1. I think we all go through these cycles. With the blogging/posting/forums things sometimes it is enough to just be the reader. Someone has to process all this vital information!:) My etsy shop is just there-for now. It doesn't mean I love creating any less it is just that sometimes it is in the forefront and sometimes it is on simmer. Right?