Monday, March 12, 2012


Countdown to Spring Break!  5

I work in a private school which automatically makes me hipper in my mind than most middle age women.  Forget that I have trouble with word retrieval, forget that I pause in the hallways to reflect on my destination; (where am I going?), I still am ahead on the slap bracelet watch trend (not).  These are the important things!  How many more scarves will I buy before the trend is over?  It’s a fine line.

Anyhoo, the school year has cycles.  We approach the time in the year where all teachers look up from their slogging winter pace and suddenly realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe little Susie still has not mastered her locker combination but wouldn’t it be nice to have advisory outside today?  Perhaps the science volcano project ended up clogging the science dept. sinks and practically evacuated the school with the stench of feces/sulpheric acid, when it was really only clay and vinegar-who really cares?  It is Friday afternoon and younger faculty look forward to trips to the beach while older, wizened crones like I surf the internet for throw pillows and lie abed until 8 am!!!!!

I will be spending my spring break getting ready for family coming at Easter.  I have curtains to buy dammit.  I will be spending some quality time with my new ronco shark steam cleaning machine working on the layers and layers of hairspray gummily adhered to my bathroom floor.  Perhaps I will re-grout said bathroom with whiteout.  What will you be doing?  Will you get in your car and take a road trip?  You do get spring break don’t you? 

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