Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do you make your own cards? Are you channeling Martha out there? You know, are you the kind of person who has ramekins, spring form pans in the shape of Christmas trees, parchment paper, nut crackers that are used regularly, dedicated plastic bins stored lovingly in pristine attics with no dead mouse (we HOPE) smell in them? Are you pleased with yourself when you get down those labeled and individually wrapped decorations? Did you remember to buy new colored tree bulbs?

I always wonder about people like this as I fight my way up the attic steps. You know how much I like that show “hoarders” (BTW there were several back to back episodes over Thanksgiving weekend, did anyone catch those?), well my attic is like a hoarders dream come true. I def know I will need those empty computer boxes with Styrofoam some day along with the 8 or so mattresses piled up next to the broken down bunk beds. Stuffed animals? check! Dry rotted baby clothes? Check! Boxes of crap from college? Check! My husband’s old scuba diving suit which was custom made for him when he was a young man with a 38 waist? Check! I could go on and on and enjoy saying “check” but will stop here. Let’s pretend that stuff is not even there as we negotiate the other side of the attic, you know the side with Richard’s beer can collection in black garbage bags (welcome to marriage!) and the collapsed chimney that was filled with straw-prob in 1890 or something. Do you see all those unmarked shopping bags with stuff sticking out the top? Grab some of those and lets head downstairs to see what is salvageable this year!

By the time the Holidays are over I have just enough respect for the decorations to stuff them higgelty-piggelty into bags and wrestle them up the attic stairs. OR I make the kids do it and then can’t ever find the stuff again. Maybe someday we will “lose” the clay lumps with toothpicks and yarn that were made 20 years ago in daisy girl scouts. I have to pretend to like it. Is there a law about these things? When can they disappear? Maybe when my kids get married I can give them back as tradition starters! Yay! Here is the lumpy clay pot you made for me in kindergarten! And the wreath of dried grasses with your pictures elmers glued into the center. Childhood luck for your new home!

I’m getting off the subject. All I really wanted to say was that I hope to get organized someday. I plan to get organized in my retirement. Maybe.

More later!




  1. Channeling Martha? Hilarious! I can watch her but I can't actually do those things. And good luck with the organizing...we thought having an empty nest would help. Wrong. LOL

  2. Let's just say that the part of Christmas that I take care of is packed and labeled kinda like Martha but more "URBAN" and what my Hubby takes care of is not. :)

    To get around the whole kiddies make ornament thingie. I have a "RETIRED" box that one ornament has gone to each year. Have they noticed? do they care, not at all.

    Much to my relief, because the clay gingerbread angel painted a weird blue and yellow with a tiny head with my son's photo glued on it had creeped me out for too many years, so BYE, BYE :)

    Have fun decorating :) T.

  3. Martha has me on her Blackballed list, I really think that woman is a Stepford Wife !
    As for decorations, as soon as my girls got a place of their own they all received the lovely clothespin reindeers with red pom-pom noses and green pipe-cleaner antlers ( made back in elementary school ) to start their own Christmas Decoration Collections. I could see how thrilled they were when I presented them with all those "adorable" mementos. As the commercial says the look was; "PRICELESS". hee, hee. Mother's revenge. :D

  4. Oh jeez, all the ones I made for my Mom have since fallen apart and were able to be thrown away. I love this since I have all my ornaments in ONE paper box (and I would like to keep it that way, hint hint). Maybe we'll all be lucky and the mice will have chosen to nibble on any ornaments Rick had once made before you can send them to us!

  5. Lulu there is a really cute photo ornament of him as a cub scout that you would love

  6. Thats funny! We dont have too much junk left as we've been trying to simplify over the last few years but I definitely have some organizing to do in the garage & kids rooms!
    Where to find the motivation? :)

    I'm now following you through the Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop! I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @ http://sofiasideas.com/

    Sofia's Ideas

  7. Plantress, I trust your judgment. Plus I feel bad that 95% of the ornaments on the tree are mine!