Wednesday, December 1, 2010

advertising the semi colon

Instead of posting today I spent time reading all your blogs-to get a good catch-up.  I have a complaint; like this is new!  (Perhaps that semi colon is misplaced, I have found that my casual writing is deteriorating at a rapid pace)  Anyway, back to the important topic; YOU.  (That one seems ok though).  I was scrolling through all the blogs that I follow and I sadly found that I have no interest in reading most of them.  So many of the bloggers have turned to straight advertising; their blogs have turned into promotion machines.

At one time all of the blogs that I followed were personal.  The author posted about herself and  her life  with an occasional product mention or promo/giveaway thrown in.  It seems that now these people are caught up in churning out promotions to get $ and more readers.  I can watch tv if I want to be inundated with advertising.  It doesn't even seem "handmade" or "grassroots" anymore.  I only want to read about people's lives and their small business!  Just tell me something about yourself and maybe it will make me laugh or I will learn something from you.  The end.

BTW what do you call a boomerand that doesn't come back?

A:  A stick!   hahahahahahahahaha

love that.
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  1. Unfortunately so many blogs are out there for only one purpose ... MONEY ! It may be to promote whatever that person is selling or the blog may be infested with more click on ads than an old, shabby motel has cockroaches.

    When I started my blog it sat on the internet for months with no followers. Oh I blogged my pathetic little heart out and I told all my family and friends to check out my blog. Yeah right, like family and friends really want to read my version of, "My Life and Welcome To It". Even tried to get the word out to some of my customers and the members in My Creative Arts Association. Found out that the movie "Field of Dreams" lied; "if you build it they will come" ... not in my case, no way, no how !

    Eventually I broke down and went the way of the other esty bloggers; "Hey I'll follow you if you'll follow me". Of all the followers that supposedly follow me I can perhaps count the true followers, my real internet friends on the fingers of one hand. I wish that were not the case but I'm afraid that internet business has tarnished the fairyland of Blogdom forever. And just as tarnished are all the social networking site such as facebook and twitter seems ever business has a page; Sears, JC Penny's, Kohl's, Michael's Arts and Crafts and a million others.

    I often wonder why humanity so often spoils the lovely simplicity of things, maybe it's just human nature, maybe it's greed or maybe we just don't know any better ? I would love to have 100 followers that truly appreciated my blog, that really read it. Sometimes I receive a comment that doesn't even pertain to my blog post because the person either didn't read it at all or skimmed through it so quickly they lost the essence of what it was all about.

    For the past 2 months I've not gotten on etsy forums to promote my blog because I realize an empty number is just that; empty without meaning. And for the past 2 months I've been watching a funny little game going on with my blog following. One day the number will be _33 and then jump up to _34. A day or so later it will drop back down to _33. This ping pong game has occurred at least 7 times now. Haven't figured out if it is one person playing; "Now you see me! Now you don't", or if I really gained 7 new followers and lost 7 old ones. Anyone up for a game of roulette ?

  2. ha. when I do the blog hops I'll go up by 5 or so but then the numbers decline. People must eventually just delete to keep it to a manageable number

  3. Hi!

    I totally agree with you. I love blogs where you get to know the person properly. Some blogs just seem advert after advert. I don't mind a couple but not a whole barrage!

    I loved this post. I'm your new follower.

    And you'll be glad to know I don't have any advertising at all!!


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  5. I like the same kind of blogs. I do personal because this is my blog and i want to have fun doing it. I like posting about what i do. I will help other bloggers too and talk about them. All my advertising money is donated because first of all.....My blog would not make that much money, second, i don't want to be money driven and third. I think my blog is a great tool to spread love.
    I am glad that you like personal blogs :)
    Check my blog and say hi....Check around to meet my family :) Would love if you follow back !

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  7. I bet I've thought a lot of these same things on a daily basis for quite some time now. I've had a blog for over a year and my followers have come very slow, but there are about 7 I'd say that are what I'd consider truly interested and seem to care about the things going on in my life. I don't monitize and I don't ram my art shops down your throat (at least I hope I don't). Maybe some of the blogs are truly business blogs and maybe their clients want to see what is new and coming and not really care about their personal lives, could that be? I find them boring but sometimes inspiring at the same time. I love to look at what they've created but I on the other hand want to know about their personal lives and how they came to do what they do. It makes it all so much more interesting to me. Maybe a just a busy body... haha Just call me Mrs. Kravits. (the nosey neighbor from Bewitched)

    interesting post!

  8. I like personal blogs, with some interjection of what the make (I do that). I like seeing their shop link in the side bar and have bought a lot that way. But if it's just ad after ad after ad I tend to stop following.

    I see you love vintage... don't EVEN get me started. I have a friend (Sweet Bead Studio) who makes jewelry with vintage components and she's terrific. I tend to collect vintage cameras and typewriters (can't really WEAR those) but if it's old or kitschy, hand it over.

  9. The blogosphere is a huge place, just as diverse as the real world. Everyone starts their blog for different reasons, one of those reasons may be to have a supplemental income or to get free products for themselves. And there are readers for them, people that love blogs simply for the chance to get a good deal or to win a giveaway.

    But I think there are still so many wonderful blogs out there that either keep themselves ad free or at least balanced enough where you don't feel inundated like you mentioned in this post.

    As for me, I do write personal stuff, which is hard cuz I am so NOT an open book in my personal life. I love writing - been journaling since the day I learned to form letters with a pencil, but now I love people reading my writing too.

    I guess I just look at it like every blog has an author that loves their blog as much as I love mine. Maybe for different reasons, but they want followers & readers just as much as I do. So I pay it forward as much as I can.