Monday, November 29, 2010

I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was the best one ever and I don’t even know why. There is something about getting older, I think that one becomes more content. We had the altered menu and had lots of fun with the recipes. My fav was probably the corn casserole with homemade cornbread crust. Yum. I put out all the good silver and crystal even though it was just the 5 of us. It takes me 6 hours to make it and about 10 minutes to eat it…that is what we say in the Plantress family. Emily had her girlfriends over and I had fires in the fireplace. We went shopping. I bought Em a Tri Delt formal at Loehmanns and it looks fantastic! And high heeled black shoes that will last forever. (forever, ever?)

We watched movies, snuggled with girls and dogs, shopped with Caroline, ate brownies and pie, bought new dog beds, vacuumed up leaves in the house, chopped leaves outside the house, split wood-Rich does that-, walked the gunpowder trails, and started decorating for the holidays. Lest you think that I am too perfect let me share with you that my house smells faintly of rotting flesh as the mice (I HOPE) that I poisoned decompose slowly in the walls and attics, crawlspaces and subfloors of our dusty old farmhouse. Can’t you just smell it? I love Holiday scented febreeze!


  1. Yay for happy Thanksgivings! And I also have a psycho mouse, and a Febreeze addiction. . .

  2. Sounds like an absolutely perfect Thanksgiving.
    Yes the time it takes to prepare that delicious meal does seem disproportionate to the time it takes to gobble it all down ... just doesn't seem quite fair does it ?

    Sorry to hear about the mouse. Guess eventually it will mummify and the smell will be gone. I don't have a mouse but I do have a sofa that stinks and it gets the febreze treatment regularly. We had it in storage and it was sealed in shrink wrap but the storage company stacked a large chair on top of the sofa and the chair leg punctured the wrap. Sooo, some type of roach got into it and when they brought it out to our new home our sofa reeked so badly I had to open all the windows. As we took off the shrink wrap there were all these little dead roaches falling out of the wrap and the sofa ... maybe they were StinkBugs? Anyway we've had it professionally cleaned (at the storage company's expense) but the smell is still there just not quite as bad. Thought about having it reupholstered (as I really like that sofa) but with my luck it would still stink even with new fabric on it. :D Another funny thing is that most of the time the order is faint but whenever we use our fireplace the heat from the fire brings up that order and no one can stand to sit in that sofa and enjoy the fire. LOL

  3. Oops ... make that "odor" not "order" ... though I sure would like an order or two or three at my etsy shop. :)