Saturday, December 4, 2010

who doesn't love vintage?

I have been stalking a certain etsy shop.  I love vintage jewelry and find it a great way to add to my collection.  I think the history of someone else's piece just adds to my cherishing each new treasure.  Today so many people are selling their old jewelry to be melted down-what a crime.  The workmanship counts for so much more.  Why not get the clasp repaired?  Why not reset the stones into something new?  Just saying!

Here is the shop that I have been looking at:
 I love this runway necklace which would look stunning against a black shell with a black shawl collared sweater on top.

I also think this vintage leaf bracelet is a classic anyone could love.

The shop name is pretty funny too!

BUT here is what I really want.  Will you buy it for me? xoxoxoxoxo (did that convince you?) :)

I am waiting for the price to go down a smidge before I take the leap.  I think this bracelet should be my Christmas gift from me, to me.  Do you like it?

More Later,


  1. I'm ALL for gifts from me to me!! I'm getting quite a pile now!!!

    I'm so pleased it's not just me who stalks Etsy!!


  2. ha ha. It's nice to make a new blog buddy!

  3. Bog Buddy - I like that!! Yup, I like it too.


  4. All these pieces are great. I like the me gifts, too. That way you know you'll get just the right thing! haha

    I wanted to tell you I am wearing those pearl earrings all the time that I won in your giveaway a while back, they seem to go with everything! I just love them.

  5. Haha, I put together an Etsy wishlist for Christmas. Might have to get one or two things from there for myself! Love the bracelet!

  6. I love, love, love vintage jewelry! And you so need that bracelet. Get it now, before someone swipes it.

  7. melting down jewelry is a crime!

  8. Ah, I wondered what happened to that golden bracelet. Clicked on the link and the bracelet wasn't in the shop ... but oh what a shop it is. LOVE IT !

    Have to agree with about the runway necklace, quite a eye catcher and the outfit you described it with ... wow, really knock-em-out gorgeous.