Sunday, January 9, 2011

spotlight on the Fish Fanatic's Gallery by Barry Singer

I want to get back to some of my spot light posts.  I will often come across a noteworthy shop on etsy or elsewhere that I would like to share with you.  This shop is fascinating.  The artist, uses an ancient form of image transfer called GYOTAKU to create beautiful, one of a kind, "fish rubbings".  This art form was practiced by the Japanese which is not surprising since so many art forms are evolved from Asian culture.  Each rubbing is unique as each fish is unique.  This is nature art in it's purest form.  Or purist form.  Two meanings but both are accurate.

You can't get more authentic than this!


and the rainbow trout.

I'm adding this shop to my favorites.  One of these great pieces would make a great gift for the fisherperson in your life.  I think it really fits with the the whole vintage industrial country look that I soooo love.  I found this shop while looking for trout ACEO to add to my small but growing collection.  Here is the one I want;

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  1. How intriguing ! The detail is marvelous and some of the pieces look like ancient fossils.
    Hope you let Barry know that he was a featured artist on your blog, I'm sure he'd be very pleased and honored by the mention. ;)

    Oh and about your comment regarding the 14k gold filled, yes it does raise the price of a finished piece. And you guessed very closely what I would have to charge for those gold filled earrings.